Frequently asked questions for weddings

Note: page under construction - more details coming soon. For immediate answers to a question not yet listed, please email

Venue Logistics

Q: How long with the venue be available for my wedding?

A: Your site at Deep Creek Ranch will be available for 8 hours on the day of your choosing. We request that all events conclude by 11pm and that music concludes by 10pm.

Q: What sort of infrastructure is available at the ceremony / reception site?

A: Depending on what site you select, you will have an electrical connection and porta-potties. Tents can be arranged per request - please contact for price list and availability.

Q: Is parking available at Deep Creek Ranch?

A: Yes, parking is available. Please see our wedding rate sheet for more information.


Q: What services does Deep Creek Ranch offer for my wedding?

A: In order to keep prices affordable for our community, we try to design ‘à la carte’ weddings. All Deep Creek Ranch weddings will have a Deep Creek Ranch staff member available at all times for venue support. Depending on your needs, we can also provide tents and parking support.


Q: Does Deep Creek Ranch have a preferred list of vendors?

A: We do not have a comprehensive preferred list of vendors, but we have some ideas and recommendations.

Q: Does Deep Creek Ranch have vendor requirements?

A: If serving alcohol, we require that you hire a bartender or caterer with both liability insurance and a liquor license.